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Blocksters is a free massive multiplayer online game. Some of the features of the game are: 

Change the world

The world can be changed by you. Your imagination is the limit. You can build epic world wonders, underground cities, giant ant hills, anything you want. Find friends to help you build your creations if you want to build bigger stuff. Make your creations yours so noone can steal or break your stuff.


Find resources deep below the surface... where monsters roam. 


Find and kill monsters, they can drop precious resources that can help you become stronger or build better things.

Level up

You can level up to 10 for free. The higher the level, the tougher the monsters you can bring down. If you get a premium membership, you can level up to 200

Make friends

Team up with other people to build stuff, share resources or hunt together.


Exchange stuff you find with other people. 

Now Awailable for Android!!!!!
You can test a new version here:

Thanks to Paul Pacheco for this AMAZING engine.

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